Thy Kingdom Come

Two Rivers Mission Community 



  • Help church members grow in prayer
  • Pray for the renewal of the church
  • Pray for people to find the joy of a relationship with God through Jesus and be filled with the Spirit – for people to become Christians and grow as Christians
  • Pray for God’s kingdom to come in our communities and the wider world.

Leaflet with liturgy and prayer ideas
Daily readings


Daily:    A 2 minute ‘thought for the day’ on Facebook and YouTube based on the reading for the day
Daily:    An email from Rev Gary with a 'thought for the day' and prayer - please email Rev Gary to be added to the list

Thursday 21st May – Ascension Day                                      (Acts 1.1-11 – Jesus intercedes for us)
Ascension day all-age worship on YouTube
Kids Club on YouTube
Prayer outside each church – clergy & warden/reader 
     9.00am: Beaford
     10.00am :Roborough
     10.00am: Atherington
     11.00am: High Bickington
     11.00am: St Giles
     12.00noon: Yarnscombe
     1.00pm: Huntshaw
     2.00pm: Alverdiscott
     3.00pm: Newton Tracey
     4.00pm: Horwod
     5.00pm: Tawstock
please note - we cannot invite you to join us as this would constitute a gathering

Friday 22nd May                                                                         (Matthew 6.5-15 – The Lord’s prayer)
10.00                   Coffee and prayer

Saturday 23rd May                                                                    (Matthew 6.16-18 - Fasting)
10.00am:            Coffee and prayer

Sunday 24th May                                                                       (Exodus 33.12-23 – seeking God’s presence)
Service and sermon on YouTube
Zoom church meetings

Monday 25th May                                                                      (Luke 8.1-8 – persistence in prayer)
10.00am:            Coffee and prayer
7.30pm:              How to spend time with God (Zoom). Teaching and questions.

Tuesday 26th May                                                                      (Ephesians 3.14-21 – prayer for the Church)
10.00am:            Coffee and prayer 

Wednesday 27th May                                                                (Colossians 4.1-6 – prayer for the Gospel)
10.00am:            Coffee and prayer 
7.30pm:              Alpha taster evening (Zoom)

Thursday 28th May                                                                     (Acts 4.23-31 – prayer for Christian courage)
10.00am:            Diocesan 24/10 prayer room

Friday 29th May                                                                          (Jeremiah 29.1-14 – prayer for our community)    
10.00am:            Coffee and prayer (Gary)

Saturday 30th May                                                                     (Acts 1.12-26 – prayer for God’s guidance)
10.00am:            Coffee and prayer (Carol)

Sunday 31th May – Pentecost                                                  (Acts 2.1-21 – “Come Holy Spirit” prayer)
Service and sermon on YouTube
10.30am:            United Mission Community service
Evening service from Exeter cathedral?